We can help you use your credit as a financial wealth building strategy to get access to personal and business funding.


When starting a business or running a personal project, you could bootstrap and depend on the benevolence of family and friend as your sources of raising fund or capital. However, as your business grows or you aim for a more significant project, you will start to need extra sources of finance. Your business could need fund to acquire inventory to meet an upsurge in demand or to pursue an expansion or growth strategy, and you may then realize that you need to seek for extra fund externally – an external source of funding. The experience of sourcing fund for a personal project, alone, could be daunting and challenging, not to talk of seeking resource for a business purpose.

Funding entails the provision of financial resources in money form or other valuable assets (tangible and non-tangible) to finance a program, a project, etc. This funding could come from the business owner(s), government, financial institutions or other organizations.

Types of External Fund your Business could need

  • Crowdfunding: This form of external funding source involves pooling some small investors, most especially when you the option of Angel investors and Venture capitalist are not being given consideration yet.
  • Angel: When your business is still at its early stage, and you are willing to part with some ownership equity or create a convertible debt, you could approach an Angel Investor for some funding.
  • Venture Capital: Your business will be able to leverage on the funding opportunity provided by Venture Capitalist if it shows promise of growth potential. This also involves parting with equity.
  • Bank loans: This is a debt from financial institutions that your business could receive if it meets the requirements of the lending institution.

Now, whether you are an individual or a business enterprise seeking for external funding to meet your business’ need or project, some requirements must be met before you or your business could be qualified to receive such external funding from any of the sources mentioned above.

Requirements for Funding

  • Credit Report: One of the primary criteria that providers of fund use in determining eligibility for fund disbursement is the availability of a credit report for the person or business concern, as the case may be. It is required to have a good score, with a score of 70 or more considered an excellent score.
  • Experience: The financial lenders will want to know how long the business had been in operations and the experience of those managing it.
  • Availability of a Bank Account: Fund providers would want to deal with a business that is well structured, with a bank account and it finances separated from the personal finances of its owners.
  • Collateral: Most financial institutions will want to lend only to businesses that present them with collateral, which can be an acceptable asset that could be used to offset the borrowed money.
  • Revenue and Profits: Lenders give priority to businesses that have existing revenues and are already making profits.
  • Personal Credit Score: Minimum personal credit score must be at 680 or better.
  • Business Approval Score: Minimum business approval score must be at 80 or better.

Our team at CL Credit Consulting can help structure your business and ensure you meet these requirements to enable you to obtain funding whenever and wherever you want it.