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We utilize factual dispute methodology to guarantee the correct dispute action for your credit file. We can clean up your credit report and improve your FICO score. Helping you, achieve your goals.

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An increasing number of people continue to be faced with the challenges posed by their bad credit, and many are seeking for ways they could ameliorate the bad situation by getting their credits fixed. However, despite the growth in the number of credit repair companies offering credit repair services, a lot is still desired in the aspect of ensuring that those who want to have their credit fixed, get maximum satisfaction from it.

What is Credit Repair?

Credit Repair refers to a service rendered by Credit Repair Companies, individuals, and organizations, to fix a bad credit report on a given individual. A Credit Report service could range from simply correcting mistakes and other inaccurate information with Credit Repair agencies to suggesting ways through which a debtor could improve his credit score legitimately. The goal of Credit Repair is to work with the credit bureaus and creditors to improve the client’s credit report and score. It involves taking a look at all the client’s debts, contesting inaccurate information and devising a plan of action aimed at reducing or eliminating the debt.

Who needs a Credit Repair service?

If you had a bad credit report and had suffered all or one of the under-mentioned, then you would know that you are due for a Credit Repair:

  • High Insurance Rate: Your creditworthiness plays a crucial role in determining your insurance premiums. A prolonged bad credit standing will make you pay more than you ordinarily would have paid if you had a better credit score.
  • Inability to own that dream home: A bad credit will prevent banks from lending you a mortgage, and for the few that may consider granting you, it would be at cutthroat interest rates because you are seen to be riskier.
  • Paying cash for all your purchases: A bad credit will mean a hard time getting a credit card, without which, you are left with the only option of cash payment, with its added disincentives.
  • Inability to secure loans: When you have a bad credit report, it erodes your ability to secure loans, whether for business or to even purchase a new car. When you do get a willing lender, you will have to cope with the additional need to get a co-signer.

Why you should consider Credit Repair

The credit repair helps to improve credit score and so help to ease the burden associated with a bad credit score. As your Credit repair service providers, from experience, we can renegotiate with your lenders, on your behalf, for a more friendly repayment deals.

Benefits of Credit Repair services

There are quite some benefits that could accrue to anyone who chooses to explore the Credit Repair service, and these include but are not limited to:

  • Increased chances of loans approval
  • Enjoy lower interest rates
  • Have an improved chance of securing a job.

When do you need a Credit Repair?

Once you start feeling overwhelmed by your debt, then you should know it was high time you started talking with a credit repair service provider. When you observe an error in your credit report, then you need a credit repair. When you are involved in identity theft, you would also need a credit repair.

We are highly trained to deliver a ProActive Credit Repair Process.

  • 24/7 online customer portal
  • Monthly dispute service
  • Collection Harassment Analysis
  • Online Customer Support

Is Credit Repair Legal?

CLCreditConsulting will operate within the regulations of CROA (Credit Repair Organizations ACT) and FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting ACT). We won’t charge you for services we haven’t yet completed. We’ll let you know about your rights to obtain a credit report and dispute inaccurate information on your own.

You’ll receive a copy of your contract before you agree to the services. You’ll be allowed to cancel your contract three days after signing it if you change your mind.CLCreditConsulting Services won’t do things as prohibited by the CROA.

This includes asking you to create a new identity, lying about the legal credit repair services they can provide, and asking you to waive your CROA rights. A company that does any of these things doesn’t provide legal credit repair.

Increase Your FICO Score

To work with your debt to income ratio (DTI), we can suggest products that can boost your credit score. Contact US for more information.

Starting at $1,000