Business Credit and Mentorship

We can help guide you through every step of the process and help you structure your business for success and meet your capital requirements.

Business Credit and Mentorship

The livewire of every successful business enterprise is predicated on three essential factors – the business idea, the available business resources to bring the idea to life and the ability to effectively and efficiently blend and manage these resources to achieve the desired results of the stakeholders of such a business.

As a business owner, you must understand the critical and vital role that capital, as a business resource, plays in the success of your business house cleaning berkley. And that is why, whether at its early stage or growth stage of the business, you must make an effort to have a reliable source of raising capital to meet the financial need of the business, most especially in the short and medium term.

What is a Business Credit?

We could simply regard Business Credit to be the ability of your business to borrow money or make business purchases on a deferred payment basis. For your business to enjoy that, it needs to structured and separated from your person and have a personality of its own.  It needs to build up a sound credit score of its own different from your credit score.

Benefits of a Business Credit

When your business can establish a good business credit score, there are loads of benefits that come with that, and they include:

  • Ease of obtaining business loans: Many banks would be more disposed to granting business loans to your business if it has a sound credit score.
  • Suppliers Trust: When you run a business that is reputed for a high credit score, be rest assured that such an enterprise stands to enjoy trust from suppliers because the business’ credit score is indicative of capacity to pay the debt as at when due.
  • Friendly Interest Rates: When your business has a high credit score, banks and other lenders will charge you interests at rates that are friendly compared to businesses with lower credit scores. That is because your business credit score shows the business to be a less risky borrower.

How to Improve your Business Credit

The following are some of the ways that we at CL Credit Consulting recommend if you desire to improve your Business Credit:

  • Give the business a separate identity: Separate the business from your person.
  • Build a credit reputation for the business by forming the habit of paying your creditor in good time. Let your lenders and supplier build a notion around your business for prompt payment.
  • Keep track of your Business Credit and fix errors and inaccurate information. One of the best ways to do this is by engaging an expert in credit repair to do the verifications for you on a regular basis.

What we will do for you

At CL Credit Consulting, we have trained personnel with the experience to structure your business both to meet your financial requirements and goal for success. Be assured that we will endeavor to create a financial source for your business’ growth through a business credit.

Standard Program

We Assist You

This is our Most Popular Program. We Assist You in completing all features listed.


  • $50,000 Minimum Guarantee in Business Funding and Credit
  • 12 months of Business Credit Coaching Services
  • Business Credit Builder Program
  • 20 Point Compliance Checklist to meet Credibility Standards
  • 411 Listing Setup
  • EIN Setup Access
  • Business Name and Address Approval Criteria Check
  • Business Bank Account Approval Criteria Check
  • Merchant Account Setup Assist
  • Business Credit Repair with D&B, Experian, and Equifax
Starting at $3,500

Done For You Program

We Do It All For You

All features listed in the STANDARD PROGRAM done by us FOR YOU.


  • $50,000 Minimum Guarantee in Business Funding and Credit
  • 12 months of Business Credit Coaching Services
Starting at $7,500